Books: Teach Yourself Shorthand – Pitman New Era

Teach Yourself Shorthand: Pitman New Era. Teach Yourself Books. 182 pages.

This book, by an uncredited author, has been around a lo-o-o-ong time. It was first published in 1949, and has been reprinted many times since then, with a wide variety of covers, but mostly the same text inside.

It’s an easy book to find, and probably the cheapest of all the Pitman titles – a real bargain! If you buy second hand, you’ll probably pay more in shipping than you pay for the book.

What’s particularly good about it, and where it differs from most Pitman titles, is that it’s designed to be used at home. That means you get keys to all the exercises in the back.

Another thing I like about this title is the writing examples, which are more varied than in many Pitman books. You get some of the typical business stuff (“My Dear Sir, thank you for your letter of 14th November…”) but other examples are more varied  (“Perhaps I ought to begin at the beginning and tell you how it happened that I was on the train that evening…”).

The newer editions of this book come in two flavours – New Era and Pitman 2000. If you’re following the version of Pitman on these pages, make sure you get the New Era edition. (The Pitman 2000 edition of the one shown here is similar, but has a green cover.) Mind, you, at the price this book usually sells at, if you do buy the wrong one, the mistake shouldn’t cost you much.

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