Pen: Pelikan Steno P470

The Pelikan Steno is an unusual fountain pen designed for use by steno writers.

Most modern fountain pens have fairly stiff nibs. They bend slightly when you press down on them, which makes the writing more comfortable, but the nib doesn’t widen much. On the Steno, the extra-fine steel nib is flexible enough to allow very thin lines, as well as thick ones. That should be perfect for Pitman.

Pelikan is a well known and respected German pen manufacturer. Their high-end offerings have beautiful gold nibs, and are consistent favourites with fountain pen enthusiasts. The Steno is not one of those. It’s a plain, plastic pen, with a low price tag, designed for daily use by students and office workers.

I don’t know if the pen is still in production, but it’s easy to find online for $20-30. I’ve just ordered one , and when I get it, I’ll tell you what it’s like to write with.

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